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State Flags
ALL Items on this Site are Made - in - America
They are manufactured in the Mid-West and warehoused there.
They do not come into port cities from foreign shores. 
They are made here.
All flags and poles are made by American Workers,
using American Materials, sewn, manufactured, packaged, stored,
packed and shipped by American Workers

Highest Quality  

Made-in-America Flags and Accessories

We are a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise - DVBE- specializing in durable, high quality, fade-resistant Flags, Parade Flagpoles, In-Ground Flagpoles and all the accessories you need to go with them.

Below you will find links to pages featuring: American Flags, State FlagsMilitary Flags, Historic Flags, World FlagsPatriotic DecorationsBusiness Message Flags, Fabrics and Header to Make Your Own Flags.  We also offer all the accessories to go with those items. 

We also carry many additional types of flags, poles, mountings, brackets and stands. Most flags come in Many Sizes and several fabric choices.

We carry flags and flag sets for your group, organization or church, such as Seasonal Flags, Racing Flags for Automobile and Motorcycle enthusiasts, Rainbow Pride Flags, Nautical Flags and Religious Flags.

For your Business, you will find many Attention Getting, Brightly Colored Shapes and Sizes of Flags and Streamers, such as Feather Flags, Tear Drop Flags, Real Estate Flags and the Rotating Poles and Mounts that go with them. In addition, there are Solid Color Flags in multiple shapes, such as Tall Flags, Pennant, Square and Burgee Shapes.

The American Flag comes in 17 Sizes and Three Fabric choices

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or are confused about sizes, equipment or accessories, Please Call us: 925-426-2428.

We HAVE the Flag, Pole or Accessory you are seeking.

Classy Flags offers American Flag Retirement for older, worn American Flags.

Mail us your washed U.S. Flag and we will ensure that it is retired with honor and ceremony.  


12 - 25 Percent Discount - for All Patriotic Americans

In Honor of: All Active Duty Servicemen, Servicewomen, Veterans, Members of Veterans of Foreign Wars -VFW-, American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America and others who have served in theaters of conflict to protect our American Freedoms, those who love them, honor their actions, support their efforts and for patriotic Americans everywhere, who appreciate those freedoms fought for and understand that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, we at Classy Flags, have Discounted every item on this website 12-25 percent off suggested retail prices. 

Any outdoor flag on this website may have a pole hem and or fringe added for a small additional charge. 

Pole Hems and Fringe are made to order, requiring an additional day or two for sewing. -  CALL TO REQUEST.



All Flags Sold on this Website are Made-in-America !  Using American Materials and American Labor  !


Place your whole order with Classy Flags and take advantage of our Large Order Discount and Quantity Pricing.


If you place an order containing large numbers of smaller items, call for a weight adjustment. Items are weight-calculated to allow for packaging. If you buy a large number of the same item or similar smaller items, which can be packed together, your packaging cost may be grossly over-stated. Shipping expenses are high and freight surcharges are levied on the merchant by UPS for small packages and for unusually large or long packages.

IF YOU THINK YOUR FREIGHT CHARGE IS DISPROPORTIONATE TO THE ITEMS ORDERED, PLEASE CALL to see if actual shipping charges may be less than those totaled by the computerized freight calculator.

Orders shipped to CANADA, MEXICO, HAWAII, Island Territories, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, require manual freight calculations:

If you need your order shipped outside the continental United States, please call for freight calculations. The automatic freight calculator on the site WILL NOT calculate freight outside the continental US. If your destination is outside the lower 48 states, please call for an accurate freight calculation. Hawaiian and Alaskan orders and those to the US Island Territories, are shipped more swiftly and less expensively by US Priority Mail. Please call for shipping fees. Canadian orders are shipped by UPS Canada. The Website host, Stores On-Line, does not provide a UPS-Canada Freight Calculator. Canadian buyers must e-mail for an accurate freight quote. Classy Flags SHIPS TO CANADA.  Classy Flags also ships to many foreign countries. To obtain accurate international freight quotes, you MUST e-mail for shipping quotes, providing the list of items desired and the complete delivery address, including Postal Code for your country. The warehouse will calculate the packaging needed and the cost of shipping to your location. Classy flags will e-mail you the order costs and at that time, we can complete the order. Customs and Duties are paid by the purchaser at time of Delivery. Classy Flags is not able to compute Customs Fees, Entry Fees, Duties or Taxes.

Custom Orders

If you are looking for a High-Quality American-Made custom flag for your group, team, organization or business, be sure to request a quote. Send us camera ready art or just a drawing, dimensions and colors and we will give you a quote. If you are not sure what you want, click on our Custom Flag Pages and take a look at examples of the many types of flags and banners which can be created.

OTHER FLAGS or Flagpoles

If you are looking for Flags or Flagpoles YOU DO NOT SEE... please contact us

We have access to many items not pictured.

Handling Discount

Order More than $100 in Merchandise and Qualify for...

$5.00 Discount on the Handling Fee

We frequently have complaints about shipping costs - Shipping is a factor of weight, distance and box size. We have no control over these things. Weight and box size depends entirely on the the weight, length, size or shape of items ordered.
- -  These policies and rates are published by the United Parcel Service UPS. - - 
We do not profit from them, nor do we add any charges to those rates. 
The shipper determines the mode of transportation and packaging and does not consult us. 
Most Large Flags are Sewn to Order and Require 2 Extra Days for Sewing. 
Most Historic Flags except the most common 3-foot x 5-foot size, are Sewn to Order.
Many Country Flags and Special Shaped Flags, such as Burgees, Pennants, Teardrops and Others are Sewn to Order.
Please allow 1-2 days for sewing and if ordering a larger quantity, sewing many take longer. 
When Do You Need to Allow for This ?
Whether flags are ready to ship or need to be sewn, depends on the frequency with which they are ordered. 
A flag only ordered 2-3 times a year Will be sewn to order
A flag ordered many times a month, will be in stock ready to ship. 
If you are in a rush for an unusual lag, please call to see if we can meet your schedule. 
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