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Shipping Information

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Shipping Information

ClassyFlags.com uses United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground for almost all standard shipping. Standard shipping times are 1 - 5 days, depending on your location. You will be notified by e-mail of your estimated arrival time. Please bear in mind that your order must also be processed and packaged. This time averages about 1-2 business days, assuming all items are in stock. If you order is placed on-line over a weekend or holiday, you must add that time as well, as your order will not reach the packing/shipping department until the following business day. Each order is processed individually. Every customer orders a different combination of products. Orders are made up as they come in. In busy seasons, such as late spring, the months preceeding national holidays and before Christmas, it can be very busy. Your order will be processed quickly. Second Day Air items are placed ahead of ground shipment items, but must still stand in their own "line." Once UPS picks up your order, they must sort the orders and process them, depending on where they ship. Also remember that when your order reaches its destinaiton city, it must again be sorted and then sent out for delivery. Depending on where you live or work and where the depot is, you may be at the beginning or the end of the delivery schedule. We cannot control the speed of the decisions or delivery of items once they leave our warehouse. You will be notified if items are on back-order or in production. Custom orders take longer depending on the complexity. When you order a custom item, you will be notified of the estimated production time. Add one additional day of in-house time for orders that must be cut to length, such as bunting and fabric.

Classyflags.com is not responsible for delays in shipping times due to unforeseen circumstances, weather, strikes, terrorism, Acts of God, etc.

  • Shipping costs reflect estimates of actual shipping expense based on UPS published freight charts and published weight of merchandise. Actual shipping costs paid by the merchant may be more or less than those charged to the customer, based on final weight of package or changes in published shipping rates. Shipping costs DO NOT include any merchant handling fees. Handling fees are shown separately and are $4.00-$9.00 depending on charges levied on this merchant by the manufacturer. The warehouse charges a $5.00 less than minimum charge for small shipments and a $2.00 packing fee. Credit card processors also add fees for processing your charge and moving the money. These fees are covered by the Handling Charge. If you order is totals more than $100.00 in merchandise, the Small Order charge is dropped.  This is referred to as the Large Order Discount.

  • UPS charges a Premium if they have to research your business and correct your shipping address in their records, produce new labels and reschedule your package delivery. These charges will be passed on to your business. We do NOT know if your address is incomplete. Please make sure it is. Thank you.

  • You might have transposed a digit in your delivery address - This will add cost and 1-3 days to discover and correct the problem and re-route your package. The delivery service may charge a fee for re-routing.
  • The Post Office, UPS, FedEx or other carriers may put your package in the wrong truck or on the wrong plane. This can take 3 - 4 days or more, to discover, redirect your package and send it to New York instead of New Mexico, to Portland, OR instead of Portland, ME......  While rare, these things do happen.
  • Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Tornados, Terrorist Attacks, Airport Closures, local riots, political events happen and may cause deliveries to cease in a certain area, temporarily.
  • Ordinary Human Error can cause a delay. 
Screaming at the delivery company, the retailer or the manufacturer will not solve this problem. We are probably already aware of the problem and way ahead of you in trying to solve it.


The Website Host does NOT have Automatic Calculators which compute out of country freight.

However, Classy Flags WILL SHIP to CANADA, MEXICO, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America.

Please send an e-mail, itemizing your order, with item numbers and quantities so weight can be calculated and freight estimated.

Please be sure to send your complete shipping address, including street address and postal codes, so freight can be calculated.

USA and Canadian Shipping will be by UPS.

All other OUT-OF-COUNTRY shipping will be shipped by United States Postal Service - International Priority Mail.  

Any Customs or other charges levied by the receiving country are the responsibility of the recipient.

DO NOT send credit card numbers by e-mail. Email is NOT secure.

If you are ordering from outside the country please Fax your card number of call it in. We will not place international phone calls to you.

Shipping to HAWAII, ALASKA and US Island Territories

If you are ordering an item for shipment to any of the island territories or to Hawaii, you may wish to e-mail for a freight quote by US Priority Mail. Shipping by Ground to Hawaii or any off-short area, will go by container ship and may sit on a dock until the container is full. This can take considerable time. Shipping to Alaska by ground must travel through Canada by truck and go through customs twice. This is costly and time consuming. Priority Mail to Alaska goes by Air. USPS Priority Mail is the least expensive and most timely shipping method for this service.

Do You Do Rush Shipping?

Yes we can handle rush delivery, based on availability of in-stock items. 

UPS offers Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air for additional fees. 

Rush Shipping only applies to shipping time ! 

However, orders placed with Overnight or 2nd Day shipping, go to the head of the line, in the warehouse. Normal processing and handling of orders takes one to two business days. Orders placed on-line over the weekend may take an extra day to reach the warehouse. Also bear in mind that we are not notified of your on-line order until your credit card has cleared. Banks have their own schedule and only batch and clear funds once a day, so you may want to add an additional day for your banking transaction. 

Time zones also come into play. The internet has made the world smaller but people in other time zones still go home at 5:00, so what may still be a workday for you may be evening or bedtime for others in this country. We have no control over these processes. Please understand that "Overnight" or "2nd Day Air" apply to shipping time only

The ONLY DIFFERENCE between rush shipping and regular shipping is that your package moves from the warehouse city to your city in an airplane and not a truck.

It must still be processed, clear the bank, be packaged, sorted, picked up and be delivered. If you have questions about our ability to meet your schedule, please call our office between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm PST. 

Please remember that if you order Overnight or 2nd Day Air late in the day, over the weekend, that UPS only picks up once a day AND... UPS does not pick up or deliver on weekends. So, an order placed on Saturday will not be shipped until Monday. Because of this, the soonest your order will reach you is Tuesday, if ordered for Overnight and Wednesday, if requesting 2nd Day Air.  In many cases Priority Mail will move just as quickly and cost less. Please call so we can help you.
~  ~  ~

Custom orders and cut to length orders require extra time. Based on your chosen shipping method, you will be notified of estimated delivery times.

Classyflags.com is not responsible for delays in shipping due to extreme weather, strikes, terrorism, Acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances, which may affect trucking or air traffic.

  • Shipping fees - see above

Back Orders

It is the policy of ClassyFlags.com to accept orders for all items placed in the shopping cart by the customer. Upon placing this order with the Manufacturer, should an item be out of stock and being manufactured, ClassyFlags will back-order that item for the customer. ClassyFlags.com will not hold your in-stock items, but will ship those items immediately. Any item which is on back-order, will be shipped as soon as it is available, which is usually within a very few days. Back-orders are not a common occurrence. However, at certain times of the year, it is possible to get a rush on certain items.

Fees Charged By Others...  Shipping Costs vs Handling Costs

Fees shown as handling fees cover processing charges levied on this merchant by other companies.

  • $5.00 of the $9.00 Handling Fee, charged on small orders, goes directly to Manufacturer to cover processing of "small orders" These charges levied on this retailer by the manufacturer. These fees DO NOT go to this merchant. We have no control over these fees and cannot reduce or change them.  
  • The other $4.00 of Handling Costs, goes to the warehouse for packaging and to credit card processors to cover the costs involved in verifying your credit card, processing your transaction and moving the funds from your bank or credit card to the seller's account. This fee does not go to this merchant.

The charges shown as UPS shipping fees DO NOT CONTAIN any charges levied by this merchant. The required statement which appears on your invoice is false and is an effort by UPS to mislead the customer into believing their actual shipping fees are lower than they really are. UPS is attempting to move the blame for the high cost of shipping to the Manufacturer or to the seller. Freight is Expensive and the cost of shipping your packages is billed to the seller and must be covered by the buyer as a part of the cost of ordering merchandise. 

Also, effective January 1, 2012, UPS's new Privacy Notice will provide more detail about personal information that UPS collects and explain how it is used. For more information, go to ups.com/privacy.

Classy Flags has no control over these rates. All other costs, handling fees, warehouse, processing and small order fees and charges remain the same. These costs and fees all go to the services who charge them. They do not go to the merchant.


Items on this website ship from a variety of locations. If you have a RUSH situation, please call to determine, if we can meet your needs, if items are in stock, which delivery service would be best to get your chosen merchandise to you, when you need it. We cannot work miracles. Please plan ahead. Please do not make assumptions. Please call and we can clarify. We cannot explain in writing, every possible situation for every possible location. If you do not understand shipping costs, time frames and usual handling procedures, please call and we can clarify these processes for you. We cannot make them less expensive but we can, perhaps, make the costs more understandable. There are many people involved in producing merchandise, stocking shelves, selecting your merchandise, packaging and labeling your order, packing the truck, sorting, driving, sorting again reloading and delivering your order. This does not include, keeping records, labeling, keeping shipping records, storing, reporting, taxing and the myriad of papers which must be created to process every order. This does not include processing the money for every order. 
All of this takes time and people. It is not magic. 

If you order at midnight, we do not process it at midnight. Computers work around the clock, but most people do not. Please keep these realities in mind when you estimate how long it will take to process your order, pack, ship and deliver your merchandise to you. Please remember that delivery services do not work on weekends or holidays and plan accordingly.
We Do Not Stock Merchandise at Our Location
We are a retailer. We represent manufacturers, who ship directly from their own warehouses in various locations. We do not stock merchandise. Merchandise cannot be picked up at the loading dock. Merchandise is shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. Most items are in stock, but we carry many sizes and colors of many items. If you order a size or color, which is seldom ordered, we may have to have it sewn for you. This may take an extra day or two. If you have a rush situation, please call to see if we can meet your schedule. Please do not assume that we can. 
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