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Bunker Hill -  3 ft x 5 ft Nylon Outdoor Flag

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Bunker Hill -  3 ft x 5 ft Nylon Outdoor Flag
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BUNKER HILL FLAG - 3 ft X 5 ft - Outdoor 3 foot x 5 foot Bunker Hill Flag - This flag is printed, on nylon, based on the blue naval ensign of the Royal Navy. Sometimes known as the Flag of New England, it features a white canton, with a pine tree and red cross. Puritans in New England objected to the red cross and some flew the flag with a plain white canton. Variations of this design were used by a variety of New England Militia units. There is controversy as to which flag flew over the battle of Bunker Hill or whether any flag was present at all, however, a similar flag was depicted in a painting. Regardless of the controversy, this flag has, over the years, become the symbol of the Battle of Bunker Hill. It has also been adopted by some as a symbol of New England. This authentic Historic American Flag is sewn from 200-denier nylon bunting. Fly this historic Bunker Hill Flag over your business or in your classroom in celebration of America's historic past.
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