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ONE Inch Aluminum 2-Pc SILVER Parade Flagpole

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ONE Inch Aluminum 2-Pc SILVER Parade Flagpole
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Deluxe Aluminum Two-Piece SILVER Parade Flagpole - ONE INCH in Diameter - with Ornament Adaptor - 

SIX POLE LENGTHS  -  6 ft., 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft., 10 ft. and 11 ft.

This flagpole represents the ultimate in an Aluminum Parade Flagpole. Poles come in Six Lengths. All Two-Piece Parade Poles are coupled together with a precision machined brass screw joint. Each Flagpole has a shiny bright dipped silver finish. Each Deluxe Silver Aluminum Parade Flagpole comes with Top Ornament Adapter, Cord and Tassel Ring, Flag Rings and Capped Bottom. --- The Parade Ball Ornament pictured is NOT included. ---

Please note: Flag rings included are for securing a pole hem flag to the pole. If you wish to attach an outdoor flag with a header to your flagpole, you will need to order one of the following items to accomplish this: 

Clear plastic rings: http://www.classyflags.com/product/310104               
Nylon Flag ties: http://www.classyflags.com/product/310110                       
Never Furl Kit:  http://www.classyflags.com/product/310116

POLE Also Available in 1.125-inch Diameter

6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft. flagpole lengths also come in single section style.

- - - Weight listed on this item is higher than actual weight due to the length of the pole, the amount of packaging required and the shipper's up-charge for the long narrow box.

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