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GOLD Aluminum 2-Piece ONE-Inch Parade Flagpole

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GOLD Aluminum 2-Piece ONE-Inch Parade Flagpole
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Deluxe Aluminum Two-Piece GOLD Parade Flagpole - ONE INCH in Diameter - with Ornament Adaptor - COMES IN 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot, 10 foot and 11 foot LENGTHS.

This flagpole represents the ultimate in an Aluminum Parade Flagpole. Poles come in Six Lengths. All Two-Piece Parade Poles are coupled together with a precision machined brass screw joint. Each Flagpole has a shiny bright gold dipped anodized finish. Each Gold Aluminum Parade Flagpole comes with Top Ornament Adapter, Cord and Tassel Ring, Brass Flag Rings and Capped Bottom. --- The Parade Ball Ornament pictured is NOT included. --

Please note: Flag rings included are for securing a pole hem flag to the pole. If you wish to attach an outdoor flag with header to your pole, you will need to order one of the following items to accomplish this: 

Clear plastic rings: http://www.classyflags.com/product/310104           or     Nylon Flag ties: http://www.classyflags.com/product/310110                        or a Never Furl Kit:  http://www.classyflags.com/product/310116


Also Available in 1.125-inch Diameter

6 ft, 7 ft, and 8 ft. flagpole lengths also come in single section style.

- - - Weight listed on this item is higher than actual weight due to the length of the pole, the amount of packaging required and the shipper's up-charge for the long narrow box.

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