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Memorial Flag Cases

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Memorial Flag Case & Memorial Grave Marker

Memorial Flag Cases

All Memorial Flag Cases are made of wood. Classy Flags offers Wood Memorial Flag Cases in cherry, oak, poplar and maple. The Cherry Memorial Case features a hinged top and beveled glass. The Maple Memorial Case has a Plexiglas clear top panel. One of the Cherry Memorial Cases features the U.S. Seal. Each Memorial Flag Case fits a 5 foot x 9 1/2 foot U.S. Flag folded in a triangle -. We also carry one smaller Oak Flag Case which fits a 3 foot x 5 foot U.S. Flag folded in a triangle - for presentation purposes.


Flags are sold separately.

Memorial Grave Markers

Each Memorial Marker is made from sturdy metal with an antique bronze finish, 15" Ground Spike and Rear Flag Holder. One Small Mounted Flag, which fits the Memorial Marker, will be included at no charge.

Memorial Flag Case - Cherry - Hinged Cover - No Seal - Fits 5 ft x 9.5 ft FlagCherry Memorial Flag Case - This case DOES NOT have a Seal - Beveled Glass Panel - Hinged Cover - Flag not included.
Memorial Flag Case - Cherry - U.S. Seal - Hinged Cover - Fits 5 ft ftx 9.5 ft FlagCherry Memorial Flag Case - This Flag Case has a U.S. Seal on the Beveled Glass Front Panel - Hinged Cover - Flag not included.
Memorial Flag Case - Oak - Fits 5 ft x 9.5 ft FlagOak Memorial Flag Case - Glass Front Panel - Flag not included.
Wood Flag Case - Oak - Fits 3 ft x 5 ft FlagWood Flag Case - Glass Panel - This case is smaller and WILL NOT hold a 5' x 9.5' flag - Flag not included.
Memorial Flag Case - Maple - Fits 5 ft x 9.5 ft FlagMaple Finish Memorial Flag Case - Plexiglas Panel - Flag not included.
Memorial Flag Case - Poplar - Fits 5 ft x 9.5 ft FlagPoplar Memorial Flag Case - Cherry Finish - Glass Front Panel - Flag not included
Memorial Veteran's Marker - Antique Bronze FinishMetal Memorial Grave Marker - Antique Bronze Finish - 15 ft Ground Spike - Has Rear Slot for Attaching a Small Flag. Use this High Quality Grave Marker with Flag Holder to mark the grave of a fallen Veteran. Add a Plaque to the stake to commemorate Theater of Service or Military Branch. One Flag Included. - Additional Small Flags sold separately. * BRONZE MARKER DISCONTINUED - SUPPLIES LIMITED - CALL BEFORE ORDERING *** (Looking for new supplier)) See Below for link to Hand Held American Flags
Veteran's Grave Marker with US Flag
Veteran's Marker with 12 inch x 18 inch US Flag

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MOUNTED US FLAGSHand Held US Flags come in three fabrics, from the luxurious silk-like material to the most economical no-fray cotton. All mounted American Flags are Made-in-America and offer the highest quality in a mounted flag. Each flag is mounted on a staff and topped with either a gold spear, gold ball or no topper. Hand Held US Flags are perfect for passing out at parades and campaign festivities. The 12 inches x 18 inches and the 16 inches x 24 inches flags fit Memorial Grave Markers.
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