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Return and Refund Policy

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Return and Refund Policy

PLEASE Read Entire Page

Please notify ClassyFlags.com within 2 days of package arrival, if you are unhappy with your merchandise and intend to return it. We want to hear from you, if you have a problem, so that we can help you solve it.

If your order is incomplete and you have not been notified that your order will be shipped in more than one package or you have received all your packages and you are still missing items, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt.

Most items can be returned within 30 days of receipt. - - - This means the item must be received by seller within 40 days.

Return Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer. Please ensure return packages to make sure they reach us intact and in good condition.

Please PUT TRACKING on your package. We cannot track a lost package without UPS or USPS tracking. Credit will NOT be given until your item reaches the warehouse.

Damaged or Used Goods are not returnable unless there is a defect in manufacture. If that is the case, credit or replacement is at the discretion of our manufacturer. Because all flags are inspected at the time of manufacture and again before shipping, manufacturing defects seldom go undetected. If your item has a defect, please call and talk to us. We will contact the manufacturer, who will send you a replacement item and a postage paid return mail label. If the defective item is not returned, your account will be charged for the second item.

Damage caused by Shipper should be reported directly to UPS, Federal Express or Spee Dee Delivery. If shipping container or boxes are damaged, when you receive them, please retain the damaged cartons.keep the packaging in case UPS requires proof of damage. ClassyFlags.com is not responsible for damage caused by the shipper.


There are NO RETURNS on opened packages of Streamers, Pennants and Stock Buntings or opened rolls of Plastic Bunting.

There are NO RETURNS on Embroidered Patches or Lapel Pins.

There are NO RETURNS on Cut Fabric Bunting, Cut Yardage of Flag Fabric, Cut Yardage of Header, Fringe, Bunting or Opened Spools of Thread. 

There are NO RETURNS on Custom Orders

  • Custom Orders include any items made to order or with Specialized Extras
  • Any Customization Added, such as Rope Thimbles or Extra Grommets
  • Reinforced Stitching or Hemming to order
  • Trimmed with Fringe, Fabric or Special Thread
  • Added Pole Hems or Grommets
  • Customized in any way.
There are NO RETURNS of used, dented or damaged merchandise: flags, poles, stands, brackets, accessories, halyard, cable, opened spools of halyard, opened bottles of cleaner or paint. 

Refunds will be processed and customer's account credited ONLY after receipt of salable returned merchandise at the warehouse, after merchandise is checked for use or damage and after reseller is notified of the results of this inspection, minus any restocking fees.

Returns will NOT be accepted after 45 days.

Freight and Handling charges are not refundable as they paid for services which have already been used.

Please make sure you put tracking on your return package so we know where it is and it does not get lost, when being returned.


Items returned to re-seller must be reshipped to manufacturer. This extra shipping will be deducted from the refund amount.

 - - - All items do not originate from same location. Be sure to call for the CORRECT return address.

We strive to please our customers. Let us know if you have a problem, but we feel very certain that you will be pleased with our high-quality, exceptional merchandise and come back again and again.


Businesses  -  Records  -  Payments  -  Refunds  -   Freight  -  Scheduling  -  Bookkeeping  -  More..

Please bear in mind that we are a small reseller. While our manufacturer is one of the largest in the country and the products among the highest quality in the industry, that does not mean that production and shipping are free. All items are discounted below retail prices, to the patriotic Americans who shop with us. However, sales and returns are expensive to process and require staff and recordkeeping as well as computer records at number of businesses, whose records must be corrected by multiple staff members. To get merchandise to you, there are a variety of businesses involved, all of whom wish to be paid, whether or not you decide to keep the products you purchase. There is a manufacturer, there is a warehouse, which houses fabrics and completed products. There are many qualified staff members to make, embroider, cut, hem and finish your purchase. Their are packers and a shipping staff to create the shipping records and labels to make sure that each order reaches the  person or business, who ordered the items shipped. There are shippers, whether by land or air, who employ personnel and charge fees to move the products ordered, and a web of complex recordkeeping to keep track of your item in between. Return of items ordered and recordkeeping to process the return of products and money, may require as many 5-9 companies. This explains some delays and perhaps possible errors. But, it also explains the charges and the need for all players to be reimbursed or for the seller and service providers to do extra bookkeeping. Recordkeeping and tax records are expensive for the seller. For these reasons, returns cost money and should you request to return merchandise, you will be asked to bear the expenses resulting from your error or indecision.  Also, these expenses, when charged, are not absorbed by the seller, but are paid to processors and shippers who are billing the seller for their services and recordkeeping, whether or not the purchaser kept his or her purchase. This puts a financial burden on the seller, who must often pay the service providers, whether or not the purchaser kept the merchandise.

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