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PATRIOTIC  Decorations


Iwo Jima Statue - Bronze FinishIwo Jima Statue - Bronze Finish
Iwo Jima Statue - Bronze Finish - Iwo Jima Statue is 8 in wide, 3 in deep and 7 in high without the flag. The flag is a 4 in x 6 in E-Gloss 48 Star Historic American flag on a 0.375 in thick and 10 in long plastic staff. The 48 Star US Flag was the official US Flag during World War II, when the Island of Iwo Jima was taken. This top quality Iwo Jima Statue is a zinc die cast statue, highly polished with an antique bronze finish. Our Iwo Jima Statue is Made in America !

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Patriotic Flats

Patriotic Decorations

Welcome to our page featuring all types of Red,  White and Blue Patriotic Decorations for your patriotic event. Whether it be a Fourth of July celebration, Memorial Day Commemoration, Veterans Event, campaign speaker or Election Day festivities and celebrations. Make your Patriotic Decorations stand out among those of other towns, precincts, counties, locales or groups by ordering quality products offered at classyflags.com. No matter the size of your budget, classy flags.com offers the right Patriotic Decorations: Patriotic Buntings, and both Horizontal Patriotic Flats, two sizes of Patriotic Pull-Downs and a variety of Patriotic Streamers for your event, business or patriotic organization. Classy Flags also offers Red, White & Blue Patriotic Fans, with and without stars, IIlusion Fans, and Americana Fans. If you are seeking Patriotic Fan Drapes, look no further. We have Fan Drapes with Center Panels for many different occasions. As always, quantity discounts are available for larger orders. Check individual fan or bunting descriptions for product details on quantity pricing.

Order all you patriotic decorations for your election campaign or fiscal year NOW and take advantage of our Quantity Discount or Large Order Discount. If you are a Veterans Organization and have installed a link to our website, you can also take advantage of our Veterans Discount.

Order Early for Memorial Day, Flag Day and
Fourth of July Events.  Don't forget Political Events and local representative's speaches. Make sure of on-time delivery and adequate supplies

Remember  -  If you need smaller Hand-Held American Flags to hand-out to attendees - You can get them here!

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to visit a page dedicated to Patriotic Decorations: Pull Downs, quality Horizontal Patriotic Flats, two types of Vertical Patriotic Flats, two sizes and three patterns of Patriotic Bunting, four varieties of Patriotic Streamers and Patriotic Feather Flags.
Patriotic Pull DownsPatriotic Pull Downs
Patriotic Pull-Downs come in four sizes and three different fabrics. The higher quality US Pull-Downs are made of nylon bunting with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Use these for important locations or where quality is of utmost importance. Our more economical Patriotic Pull-Downs are just 18 inches wide and 48 inches long. These US Pull-Downs are for uses where economy is a more important factor or where a shorter pull-down is needed
Patriotic FlatsPatriotic Flats
Horizontal Patriotic Flats come in TWO different fabrics, with and without stars. All Horizontal Patriotic Flats are 3 ft high and 8 ft wide. Use these Patriotic Flats for your campaign headquarters, Veteran's Halls and other locations or events where patriotic colors are important. Nylon Flats have sewn stripes and printed stars. Polyester and cotton Horizontal Flats are fully printed.
Fabric Bunting comes in Three-Stripe and Five-Stripe variations, with and without stars. Polyester and Cotton Buntings are fully printed. Nylon Bunting has sewn stripes and no stars. Five-Stripe printed Bunting Comes in 18 inch and 36 inch widths. The Flag-Patterned Bunting is hemmed on all four sides. All fabric bunting is cut to measure and SOLD BY THE YARD. Plastic Bunting is also available and SOLD BY THE ROLL
Patriotic Streamers come in Red, White and Blue for all your patriotic events. Whether you are decorating for a Campaign Event, Election Festivities, the Fourth of July or just want your business to look patriotic, buy your red, white and blue streamers here. All patriotic Pennant Streamers, Flag Streamers and Hula Streamers are made from 4-mil polyethylene plastic, mounted and double stitched on durable plastic covered ropes.
Red, White and Blue Solid Color Flags, Pennants and BurgeesRed, White and Blue Solid Color Flags, Pennants and Burgees
Solid Color Red, White and Blue Flags and Pennants can be flown at your Business, Event Center or Trade Show Booth to Call Attention to your location. They last longer than plastic pennants and streamers and look much smarter. A nice permanent look with Quality Made-In-America, Dupont SolarMax Nylon Solid Color Flags and Pennants. They are durable, attractive, more fade resistant and longer lasting than plastic.
Patriotic Feather FlagsPatriotic Feather Flags
Patriotic Feather Flags are 12 inch x 36 inch Made-in-America of  TiteKnit Polyester bunting. All feather flags are fully dyed and finished with heavy duty white canvas headers designed to accept a 2 inch outside-diameter pole. A leather tab is sewn into the bottom of the header to allow for a nylon flag tie to secure the flag to the pole.
Patriotic Teardrop Flags are 10 feet tall and 36 inches wide, fully sewn and Made In America. Display Red, White and Blue Teardrop Flags at your Business or Event Center to call attention to your location and show your patriotism. When mounted on the flexible Tear Drop Flagpoles and set into a ground or surface mount rotating flagpole holder, they are quite attractive and turn with the wind, moving with the slightest breeze. A Great Attention-Getter !
Hand Held American Flags

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