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How to Fold The American Flag

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Triangle Folded U.S. Flag
What are the Seven Steps to Formally Fold the American Flag ?

1. It takes two people and two sets of hands to properly hold the flag tautly and manage the folds with crispness.
Hold the Flag Waist High, Parallel to the Ground.
One Person holding the Header or Pole Hem, The Other person Holding the Fly-End

2. Each Person brings their two hands together, Folding  the Flag in Half, Lengthwise.
Fold the Lower Half of the Striped Section, over the Field of Stars, forming a gutter with the flag, bringing the top and bottom edges together.

3. Fold the Flag Lengthwise Again, this time with the Blue Field on the Outside
Keep the Crease Tight 
Make Sure the Corners Aligned.

4. Make a Triangular Fold
Bring the striped corner of the folded edge to the offset edge.
It is important to start with the folded edge to make sure the folds align correctly at the end.

5. Turn the Outer Edge Point Inward
Fold the triangle you have just created parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle

6. Continue the Triangle Folding for the Entire Length of the Folded Flag
The entire sequence of folds should total 13 folds, representing the 13 original colonies.
7. Double Check the Flag to make sure it is folded correctly and tightly.
Tuck the End of the Flag into the Fold and Secure the End in Place.
Make a 45 Degree Fold and tuck the Fabrics in
The Finished Flag Must Have NO Red Showing, have Square Corners and There Should be Four Stars Pointing Upward.

If folded properly, Folds Should Be Snug and Folded Flag Should Easily Fit into a Flag Display Box.

See Illustration Below:
How to Fold the American Flag
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