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Oregon State Flags

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Oregon State Flag

Oregon State Flag
The flag of Oregon is the only state flag with different pictures on each side. On the reverse appears a beaver the state animal. The front picture includes a heart shaped shield with an eagle on top, surrounded by thirty-three stars. - The number of states in 1859 - The scene on the shield shows the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean, mountains, forests and a covered wagon. A plow, wheat and pickax represent farming and mining. Of the two ships: The one leaving is a British ship and the one arriving is a United States ship representing trade. The eagle represents the United States. On a banner are the words: The Union -  representing support for the United States. Finally the flag is emblazoned with the words: State of Oregon above the picture and the date of statehood 1859 below.

Oregon State Flags

Outdoor Oregon State Flags come in two high-quality fabrics and a variety of sizes. All our Oregon State Flags are manufactured in America to precise specifications with exacting accuracy in brilliant true colors. All our state flag designs are in correct proportion to the size of the flag. If you are looking for high-quality outdoor state flags, which resist abrasion and have a long life, try our outdoor Oregon State Flags for your home or business. All outdoor flags are finished with white headers and solid brass grommets. Quantity Discounts available for larger orders. Check item details for quantity pricing.

Nylon Outdoor Flags

All Nylon Outdoor Flags are manufactured with brilliant, colorfast, heavyweight 200-denier nylon bunting. Our nylon Oregon State Flags are specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. Nylon offers lustrous beauty, superior wear and excellent flyability, fluttering even in the slightest breeze. Nylon's popular price, combined with its reputation as a true All-Weather Flag, makes it an outstanding value.

Poly-Max Outdoor Flags

Recognized as the most durable of all flag fabrics, our Poly-Max Oregon State Flags are skillfully crafted out of 2-ply polyester bunting. The polyester bunting’s open weave construction reduces wind resistance, lessening abrasion and increasing flag life. Poly-Max resists wear to wind, dirt and moisture and is ideal for industrial and institutional applications. Oregon State Flags made from this trademarked blend of high high-quality polyester are designed specifically for the needs of the most discriminating customer. This high quality flag will prove to be the longest lasting outdoor state flag found anywhere.
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