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Teardrop Flagpole Mounts

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Tear Drop Flag Surface Mount Flagpole Stand Tear Drop Flag Surface Mount Flagpole Stand
Tear Drop Flag Surface Mount Flagpole Stand & Water Donut Weight - This Tear Drop Flag Portable Flagpole Mount allows for two optional uses. You can permanently mount this flagpole stand on a hard flat surface such as concrete or you can use it in a temporary location such as outside a store in a mall or inside the store to call attention to a display. You can take your tear drop flag with you to a craft fair or other outside gathering to call attention to your display. This surface-mount flagpole stand can be used with the donut weight outside. The water donut holds 2.25 gallons of water. When filled it weighs 18.5 pounds and will support the rotating flag in a wind up to 5 miles per hour. The Tear Drop Flag Surface Mount Flagpole has a rotating center which allows the flagpole and Tear Drop flag to rotate with the wind, calling attention to your display, event, product or business.
Tear Drop Flagpole In-Ground Pole MountTear Drop Flagpole In-Ground Pole Mount
Tear Drop Flag Flagpole In-Ground Mount with Rotating Spindle - The Three-Piece Tear Drop Flagpole fits into this In-Ground Metal Flagpole Mount to allow the tear drop flag to rotate with the changing winds. This portable Tear Drop Flagpole Mount can be inserted into the ground with the Rotating Spindle above ground. This is a portable mount, which may be moved but is secure enough to remain in one place relatively permanently holding your tear drop flags.  You can set up a row of permanently set rotating tear drop flags outside your business, driveway, display or entrance.
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