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Teardrop Flagpoles

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Tear Drop Flagpole - 14 ft Flexible FiberglassTear Drop Flagpole - 14 ft Flexible Fiberglass
TEAR DROP TAPERED FLEXIBLE FLAGPOLE  - This Flexible 14 ft Tapered Fiberglass Flagpole is designed specifically for Tear Drop Flags. The bottom of the tear drop pole is 1-inch diameter and tapers to 1/2 inch at the tip. The Tear Drop Flagpole is a three-piece black flagpole, which swedges together with Stainless Steel Fittings. The Flagpole is rubber-tipped to prevent flag damage and comes with a heavy duty black canvas carry-bag. The Tear Drop Flagpole slips over a rotating spindle on the in-ground mount hardware. The curved design of the tear drop flagpole keeps the flag completely spread out and readable
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